Welcome to the National Pasta Museum, the only one of its kind in the world! The site of the museum is Piazza Scanderbeg, overlooking the square of the same name in the centre of Rome, at the foot of the Quirinale Palace, in the immediate vicinity of the Trevi Fountain.
The rooms of the Museum contain an exhibition prepared with loving care, a wealth of historical riches, comprising machinery, part of machines, documentation: a cultural laboratory providing a framework which presents the evolution of pasta from an aconomic and industrial point of view, as well as the evolution of its communicative values as a typical product of Italy.
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Why choose Rome as the site of the Museum?

Rome, the chosen city, is not only a "must" on any Italian tourist itinerary, it is also the ideal representation of an international centre, extending beyond national borders. It is the world capital of the famous first course.
Indeed great care and attention are dedicated to the first course in Roman restaurants, with excellent qualitative results in the wide range of recipes offered. Moreover this position emphasises the more innovative and demanding objectives of the Museum, which are to make a contribution towards solving, or at least alleviating, the still unsolved problem of denutrition in the world, by extending the culture of pasta: pasta as a national food for the whole world.
Italy has been the first country to demonstrate how a basically poor country has succeeded in using its own resources to the utmost, making a virtue of necessity and creating a balanced and complete way of eating, using the most traditional of its crops.
The National Pasta Museum aims at extending this model throughout the world and, in particular, introducing it in the emerging cultures of the developing countries as an answer to the most basic at all human needs: the need for food. A utopian dream? Perhaps. On the other hand it is a worth bearing in mind the number of countries that have become consumers of spaghetti since they were first introduced to it!
The Museum will, in fact, bear witness to the significance and vocational aspects of pasta, to sum up, its potential as a precious and balanced food for the well-being and enjoyment of mankind.
And at a modest price!

by courtesy of the management of National Museum of Pasta Foods
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