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Year XXIX – N. 1 Jan/ Mar 2024

  •  Durum wheat faces the fifth MY of deficit by Carlotta De Pasquale
  • China: the parallel world of pasta by Andrea Maraschi Gluten-free pasta to suit all tastes by Maria Cristina Messia
  • Francesca Cuomo
  • Emanuele Marconi

Year XXVIII – N. 4 Oct / Dec 2023

  • Pasta: flagship of Italian food by Luigi Pelliccia
  • The role of Ecodesign in ensuring the circularity of materials by Francesca Mostardini
  • France
  • a growing taste for pasta in general …and for spaghetti
  • in particular! by Andrea Maraschi

Year XXVIII – N. 3 Jul / Sep 2023

  • Pasta: does the high price nightmare continue? by Luigi Pelliccia
  • Wheat milling: by Luigi De Lisio
  • Deforstation and food production by Giuseppe Maria Durazzo

Year XXVIII – N. 2 Apr / Giu 2023

  • Sustainability trends in pasta packaging by Mia Marchini
  • Pasta and innovation: opportunity or challenge? by Francesco Pantò
  • “New taste for pasta with Venus health” by Editorial Staff
  • The ICARDA durum wheat program to combat climate change by Filippo M. Bassi

Year XXVIII – N. 1 Gen / Mar 2023

  • A partnership with the Ristsumeikan University in Kyoto by Mia Marchini
  • Pasta past and future by Andrea Maraschi
  • Breeding for yield potential and stability at CIMMYT by Karim Ammar
  • High amylose pasta more than an ideotype by Micheal Gusko Silvia Folloni Roberto Ranieri

Year XXVII – N. 4 October / December 2022

  • Durum wheat consumption trend by Carlotta De Pasquale
  • Pasta made in the USA by Andrea Maraschi
  • sustainable agri-food system by Lorenza Vianello
  • Innovating the supply chain of durum wheat and pasta by Mariangela Latella

Year XXVII – N. 3 July / September 2022

  • The various shapes of Libyan pasta by Areej Abughrara and Mahamed Burgiga
  • Wow! Italian pasta in US by Mia Marchini
  • Creating opportunities from a crisis by Andrea Maraschi
  • The durum wheat between doubts and certainties towards 2023 by Stefano Serra

Year XXVII – N. 2 April / June 2022

  • Production costs rise and shrinkflation arrives by Alessandro Massacesi
  • No more a rising star by Andrea Maraschi
  • Do we still need a food label? by Giuseppe Maria Durazzo
  • Pasta with added superfoods by Carmine Feliciano Milone
  • Pasta and the Aureo durum wheat variety by Ilaria Mazzoli and Mia Marchini

Year XXVII – N. 1 January / March 2022

  • Sustainability innovation and efficiency by Enrica Gentile
  • Digital transparency solutions for the agri-food sector by Alessandro Massacesi
  • About the 2022 NPA Annual Meeting by the Editorial Staff
  • Unfair competition and environmental claims by Giuseppe Maria Durazzo

Year XXV N. 4 October / December 2021

  • Enough with controversies over imports by Alessandro Massacesi
  • Sustainable pest management in pasta production by Michele Ruzza
  • “Draw me like one of your maccheroni” by Andrea Maraschi
  • Mustard alert in flour products by Giuseppe Maria Durazzo
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Year XXV N. 3 July / September 2021

  • North America durum shortage driving strong price rally by Filippo Bertuzzi
  • Emerging careers in sustainability: the Sustainability Manager by Alessio Alberini and Lorenza Vianello
  • Economic patriotism by Giuseppe Maria Durazzo
  • Overcoming distrust and meet the taste of the most skeptical consumers by the Editorial Staff
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Year XXV N. 2 April / June 2021

  • Why and how to restore value to pasta? by The Editorial Staff
  • Pasta and sustainability: planning and business by Lorenza Vianello
  • New Croatian legislation on flour pasta and bakery products by Giuseppe Maria Durazzo
  • Barilla and Art: a decades long story by Barilla Staff
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Year XXV N. 1 January / March 2021

  • Goodbye Great Britain. But it isn’t a farewell by Dario Casati
  • Pasta consumption during the lockdown by Filippo Bertuzzi
  • That’s an innovative whole durum grain pasta by Laura Gazza
  • Bacillus cereus in fresh pasta products by Valerio Giaccone
  • Shaping a sustainable future in harmony with nature by Bühler Group
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Year XXV N. 4 October / December 2020

  • What about fake-meat tortellini? by the Editorial Staff
  • Italian pasta is stronger than Covid-19 by Alessandro Massacesi
  • Comparing extruded and drawn pasta by Stefano Zardetto
  • Plantain flour for pasta production by Daniela Spandri
  • De Matteis Agroalimentare pasta sales boost by the Editorial Staff
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Year XXV N. 3 July / September 2020

  • Let’s start after Covid by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • Pasta from ancient wheats by Matteo Bonchi
  • High-quality pasta is now available worldwide by Gea Group
  • The world loves pasta… more and more by Delia Maria Sebelin
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Year XXV N. 2 April / June 2020

  • What will happen after Covid-19: starvation? by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • Pros and cons of rice pasta by Daniela Spandri
  • Lockdown brought pasta with tuna by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • Rustichella d’Abruzzo innovation meets tradition by Roberto Faben
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Year XXV N. 1 January / March 2020

  • The new CAP and the future of Italian pasta by Dario Casati
  • Legumes
  • the new challenge of innovation in pasta by Daniela Spandri
  • Healthy & tasty pasta: is it a possible mission? by Antonio V. Gaddi
  • Eggs: an ingredient that “makes the difference” by Stefano Zardetto and Delia Maria Sebelin
  • We food our Planet: a virtual path on food paradoxes by the Editorial Staff
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Year XXIV N. 4 October/ December 2019

  • The B plan by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • How to manage a good freezing process in frozen pasta by Serena Pironi
  • Pasta loves to be social by Enrico Gobbi
  • Setaro when tubes are tubes by Roberto Faben
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Year XXIV N. 3 July / September 2019

  • The blockchain conquers pasta by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • The drying phase and the quality of pasta by Agatha Di Bella
  • Dehydrated powdered spinach to get green pasta by Augusto Gemma – Alessandro Massacesi
  • From the Dna of durum wheat to the future of pasta by Delia Maria Sebelin
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Professional Pasta magazine

Year XXIV N. 2 April / June 2019

  • 3D printers & hedonism in the future of pasta by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • How to get a perfect filling by Agatha Di Bella
  • How to make gluten free pasta with a “bite” by Gill Parker
  • Dehydrated garlic: a tasty surprise from China by Elio Di Curzio
  • Sorghum pasta a good and healthy trend by Monia Caramma
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Professional Pasta magazine

Year XXIV N. 1 January / March 2019

  • Potato gnocchi a growing business by Justo Bonetto
  • Allergen control in fresh pasta by Stefano Zardetto
  • Oregano: the greener (is not usually) the better! by Elio Di Curzio
  • Pasta to fight hunger and… increase sales by Delia Maria Sebelin
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Year XXIII N. 4 October/December 2018

  • Protectionism threatens Italian pasta by Dario Casati
  • The quality of cooked pasta by Cristina Cecchini Roberto Mortaro Gabriella Aureli
  • Pasta & Mediterranean Diet: added value for health and longevity by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • Digitalizing the pasta industry by Gill Parker
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Year XXIII N. 3 July/September 2018

  • The future of pasta? Genomics is a must by Roberto Tuberosa
  • Allergens contamination in fresh pasta by Stefano Zardetto
  • Pasta Italian leadership threatened by competitors by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • Fascination and secrets of the nutmeg by Elio Di Curzio
  • Coordinating research to improve durum wheat quality by Aldo Ceriotti and Barbara Laddomada
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Year XXIII N. 2 April/June 2018

  • Italian fresh pasta facing new markets by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • From pasta drying to stabilization by The experts of Professional Pasta
  • Focus on black pepper ground by Elio Di Curzio
  • Fortified pasta improves consumers’ health by Sarah Zimmerman
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Year XXIII N. 1 January/March 2018

  • The Uk loves its pasta despite Brexit by Roger Gilbert
  • Pasta static drying process by The experts of Professional Pasta
  • Small ingredients that make a big difference by Elio Di Curzio
  • Corn pasta is linked to the struggle against aflatoxins 30 by D. Rogolino et al.
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Year XXII N. 4 October/December 2017

  • Uncertain trend for wheat and pasta market by Dario Casati
  • Foreseeable storage conditions to validate product shelf-life by Stefano Zardetto
  • Haute cuisine The future of pasta all around the world by Delia Maria Sebelin
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Year XXII N. 3 July/September 2017

  • Pasta is good for… the Planet» by International Pasta Organization
  • Pasta does not make people fat: here it is the scientific evidence by Americo Bonanni
  • Game of grains: why India’s agrifood policies need a holistic review by Raghavan Sampathkumar
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Year XXII N. 2 April/May 2017

  • New global assets mean new markets by Dario Casati
  • Pasta and bread… Gluten Friendly by Carmen Lamacchia and Loretta Landriscina
  • «Pasta? It’s not just tasty but also healthy» by Delia Maria Sebelin
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Year XXII N. 1 January/March 2017

  • Trump’s cut on free trade agreements by Lorenzo Frassoldati
  • France Japan and Canada that is where people eat best by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • Indian duty-free wheat import decision by M.B. Naqvi
  • Spread of damaging wheat rust continues by Fao
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Year XXI N. 4 October/December 2016

  • «If you eat pasta you do not get fat» scientists and… athletes say by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • Italy – Ethiopia axis to launch new partnerships by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • Moscow celebrates the World Pasta Day by Madel Nilebes

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Year XXI N. 3 July/September 2016

  • When trends become serious business by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • Italian cuisine and handicraft playing a leading role in Switzerland by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • The world embraces pulses by Bühler Group
  • Fusilli goat cheese and pumpkin wins Pasta World Championship by Madel Nilebes

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Year XXI N. 2 April/June 2016

  • Quality is not enough we need to work as a system by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • Nickel-free pasta and tomato by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • Morocco capital city of Durum Wheat Breeding and by Madel Nilebes

Year XXI N. 1 January/ March 2016

  • A new business for the agri-food industry by Stefano Saini
  • Drying pasta at low temperature in air flow by Noemi Baronti Serena Trapani and Bruno Zanoni
  • Drying pasta economically by Marco Loschi
  • Ukraine the grain market by Elizaveta Malyshko

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Year XX N. 4 October / December 2015

  • New world trends about pasta by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • From barley to fish oil: when pasta is functional pasta by Maria Fiorenza Caboni and Vito Verardo
  • Boom of Italian pasta lovers in US China and Sub-Saharan Africa by Madel Nilebes
  • Around the world with a pasta plate by Delia Maria Sebelin

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Year XX N. 3 July / September 2015

  • If you eat pasta
  • you do it better by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • How colour changes in iron fortified pasta by Lena Kampehl and Martina Mollenhauer
  • “From seed to pasta & beyond”: genetics is brought… to the table by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • The best of Ipack-Ima by Delia Maria Sebelin

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Year XX N. 2 April / June 2015

  • GMOs – Critical conditions for the Agri-food industry by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • Allergens management in the food processing industry by Simona Larini
  • Gluten-free and al dente: Bühler gives pasta its bite by Stefanie Hardtmann
  • India a market for world food industry to grow by Media Today Group

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Year XX N. 1 January / March 2015

  • Fresh pasta flours by Maurizio Monti
  • Barley flour pasta chemical and nutritional characteristics by Gianni Mondelli
  • Pasta in Ethiopia could become a major national food by Delia Maria Sebelin
  • IDMA 2015 a gateway to Asia by Delia Maria Sebelin

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Year XIX N. 4 October / December 2014

  • The “policy” of pasta by Giorgio Stupazzoni
  • How to produce barley flour pasta by Gianni Mondelli
  • The Ethiopian pasta production is booming by Tiberio Chiari
  • Case history Mühlenchemie wants to expand in the pasta mark by Delia Maria Sebelin

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Year XIX N. 3 July / September 2014

  • When food stands for health by Alfredo Tesio
  • Alternative fresh pasta for coeliac people by Serena Bolognino
  • Ukraine: how to secure transaction from unreliable business partners by Yaroslava Sorokhtey
  • IDMA 2015
  • a great chance to reach the Asian market by Delia Sebelin
  • Mojito prawn spaghetti wins Pasta World Championship by Delia Sebelin

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Year XIX N. 2 April / June 2014

  • The future of functional pasta by Gianni Mondelli
  • Einkorn pasta would not help against diabetes by C. Lamacchia B. La Gatta P. D’Agnello S. Fariello O. Lamacchia M. Cignarelli A. Di Luccia
  • Italian brands are conquering Russia by Gianguido Breddo
  • Analyzing Afghanistan’s wheat flour market by Arvin Donley
  • Mojito prawn spaghetti wins Pasta World Championship by Delia Sebelin

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Year XIX N. 1 January / March 2014

  • How to produce good & healthy oat pasta by Gianni Mondelli
  • Grain and milling sector in India by the editing staff
  • Five-year global supply and demand projections by the International Grains Council
  • What is functional pasta? Clarification needed by Gianni Mondelli

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Year XVIII N. 4 October / December 2013

  • High-quality fresh pasta with freeze-dried or atomized ingredients by Gianni Mondelli
  • Gluten free corn pasta could increase the risk of diabetes by Carmela Lamacchia Adalgisa Schiavulli Barbara La Gatta Sandra Pati Giovanni Petrella Aldo Di Luccia
  • World Pasta Day 2013: Pasta a healthy and sustainable food by Delia Sebelin
  • Aidepi replies to The Wall Street Journal: «Pasta is not fattening!» by Delia Sebelin
  • The “policy” of pasta by Giorgio Stupazzoni

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